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devilwing_icons's Journal

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D E V I L W I N G S ;
An icon journal made by vixias. All Icons By vixias Now Posted At raunchtrinity

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Devilwing Icons is an icon journal made by myself to hold my graphics work as I see fit. It is a host to many Final Fantasy works but you can find an assortment of fandoms sprinkled through out this journal. Enjoy.

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R U L E S ;
Credit me. This needs to be underlined many times. I think that if I have taken the time to create these things for you, you can at least take the time to credit me. If you dont know how, leave a comment that asks. I dont bite.

Do. Not. Direct. Link. End of story. If you do I will just move the images all over until you get sick of having broken links.

Comment. I like to know what everyone enjoys, doesnt, or what they are taking. It helps me alot.

Enjoy them! It's what they are there for, after all.

L I N K ;
If you want to link back to this journal, feel free. You can take the banner bellow, or not. That's your choice.

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A F F I L I A T E S ;